Semtex PL SE M Sheet 2018-12-05T18:10:01+00:00

Semtex® PL SE M


Sheets of plastic explosive for special blasting works.

Typical dimension 400 x 200 x 3mm (dimensions can be adjusted according to the requirement of customer).

The product can be made on basis of PETN, RDX, PETN/RDX, minimal thicknes of PETN verse is 0.8 mm, PETN/RDX verse 2.0 mm, RDX verse 3.0 mm.

Classification:  UN0084, EXPLOSIVE, BLASTING, 1.1D

Parameter Typical analysis Limit values
Explosive content (RDX, PETN) 88.0 % 88.0 ± 3.0 %
Density 1.56 min. 1.48
Vacuum test 0.20 cm3.g-1.h-1.20 max 1.0 cm3.g-1.h-1.20
Detonation velocity 7,900 m.s-1 min. 7,400 m.s-1
DMNB content 1.1 % min. 1.0 %