Traditional Explosives

Finexplo can deliver a full packaged explosives product range, including Dynamite, Packaged Emulsion, AN-TNT blends, Bulk Emulsion, as well as detonating cord and detonators

Dynamite - PERUNIT®

The underground mining explosive PERUNIT® is an explosive of a dynamite type with a high content of energy, high density and high values in detonation velocity. It is used in underground workplaces in an unexplosive environment and on surfaces where the character of the material broken requires the use of a powerful explosive.

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Packaged Emulsion - EMSIT®

The EMSIT® opencast explosive is a modern emulsion type with a high detonation velocity and outstanding resistance to water. It is used in large diameters as an efficient explosive during blasting works,
where wet or saturated blast holes occur.

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The  undergound mining explosive PERMONEX® V  19 is an ammonium nitrate explosive containing TNT. 
It is used for surface and underground blasting works in an inexplosive environment. It is supplied in cartridges and in bags. It is used for blasting works in a wet environment and under water. It does not contain
carcinogenic DNT.

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Bulk Emulsion

Finexplo offers third party bulk emulsion deliveries starting at 0,85 Euro per kgs upwards. Final price will depend on Location, Volume and Services requested. Ask for specific quote.

BP Booster

The boosters are designed for initiating industrial explosives, particularly to carry out blasting operations on the surface. They are cylindrical shaped with a diameter of 50mm or 63mm. They are waterproof and can be used in temperatures between -30°C to +55°C.

Detonating Cord - STARTLINE®

STARTLINE® detonating cords are made on
modern machines, controlled electronically, which guarantees a  perfect continuous column of penthrite along the entire detonating cord length. Fibres of synthetic materials are used for “wraps” that provide high tensile strength to the detonating cords. The surface of the detonating cords is coated with a  layer of  synthetic material providing resistance to water.

Dynadet™-C3-25ms Electric Detonator

The electric detonator millisecond (MS) series Dynadet™-C3-25ms serves to initiate commercial explosives. NPED (Non Primary Explosives Detonator) detonators use a patented deflagration to detonation process and therefore do not need primary explosives for initiation of the base charge. The detonator is free of lead acide and provides the highest degree of safety against impact during handling.

Exel™ Non-Electric Millisecond Detonator

Exel™ Millisecond Detonators are a series of high strength non-electric detonators with millisecond (MS) delay intervals between successive firing times. Exel™ MS Detonators consist of a non-electric detonator and a length of Exel™ signal tube. A plastic J-hook connector can be enclosed at the sealing end of the signal tube as per customer requirement. The detonator incorporates delay elements and a high strength PETN base charge inside an aluminium shell.

Electronic Initiation System

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