Blast Monitoring Equipment

Finexplo can offer you the most practical and user friendly units to measure VoD and to improve blasting results, product selection and to identify optimal timing solutions. The unit is very easy to calibrate at site, comes with all the needed software and Finexplo will train your personnel as needed. All of the needed cable is cost efficient, easy to find or can be sourced via Finexplo


Velocity of Detonation Monitor

The new ShotTrack VoD 305 is part of the next generation of Velocity of Detonation monitors. It features a sample rate of under 4uS and a nominal resolution of 90 Pico seconds. Housed in a compact IP 67 rated case, single button operation, GPS synchronised timestamp and long range Bluetooth puts the VoD 305 in a class of its own.


Vibration Monitor

The ShotTrack ViB is a fully self-contained vibration monitor designed for a broad range of testing. With accelerometers ranging from 25g to 6000g, selectable sample rate up to 32,000 s/s, GPS Pulse per second embedded time stamp and up to 1000m remote wireless control and download, the ViB covers most of your vibration monitoring requirements.


Blast Inspection Camera

The new ShotTrack BiC delivers a cost efficient method of inspecting site blasts with minimum effort. Its rugged design and ease of use makes the BiC a must have, for the quality control of designed blasting.