The underground mining explosive PERUNIT® E is an explosive of a dynamite type with a high content of energy, high denisty and high values in detonation velocity. It is used in underground workplaces in an unexplosive environment and on surfaces where the character of the material broken requires the use of a powerful explosive. Large diameter explosive cartridges are suitable primarily for initiating explosives.

This traditional explosive was innovated again in 2007 and does not contain DNT and TNT, which are dangerous to human health.

Classification:  UN0081, EXPLOSIVE, BLASTING, TYPE A, 1.1 D, ADR

Parameter Unit of measure PERUNIT® E
Explosion heat kJ/kg min. 4,100
Gas volume dm3/kg 858
Temperature of explosion °C min. 3,000
Oxygen balance % O2 + 2.2
Velocity of detonation (in 65mm, non confined) m/s 6,200
Velocity of detonation (in 28mm, non confined) m/s 2,400
Velocity of detonation in the borehole (in 95mm) m/s 6,200
Brisance according to Hess mm min. 14
Relative working ability % min. 78
Transmission of detonation cm min. 4
Density kg/m3 min. 1,300
Firing - detonator no. 8
Water resistance (large diameter cartridges) - 12 hrs/ 0.3 MPa
Water resistance (small diameter cartridges) - 2 hrs/ 0.01 MPa
Smallest permitted diameter mm 28
Shelf life month 12