The underground mining explosive PERMONEX® V19 is an ammonium nitrate explosive containing TNT. The classical method of its production by wheel mill technology guarantees perfect homogenization of its components and thus also the high and stable quality of the explosive.

It is used for surface and underground blasting works in an inexplosive environment. It is supplied in cartridges and in bags. It is used for blasting works in a wet environment and under water. It does not contain carcinogenic DNT.

Classification:  UN 0082, EXPLOSIVE, BLASTING, TYPE B, 1.1 D, ADR

Parameter Unit of measure PERMONEX® V19
Explosion heat kJ/kg 4,158
Gas volume dm3/kg 895
Temperature of explosion °C 2,875
Oxygen balance % O2 0.1
Velocity of detonation m/s min. 3,900
Brisance according to Hess mm 16
Density, min. g/cm3 0.9
Firing - detonator no. 8
Shelf life month 6