Track and Trace

Finexplo can offer you a custom made solution for tracing and tracking your explosives whatever your needs are, and at the same time follow your stock inventory real time on your personal phone or app.


We offer a world-wide useable management software for producers, distributors and endusers of explosives.
Digitize all your explosive stock records by using our electronic explosives stock book and reduce manual effort
Record all types of relevant data to compare, check and administrate centrally your logistic environment
Track all your explosives by our T&T-solution to ensure permanent safety and control
Simplifying your logistic processes by using a universal software solution to handle all types of explosive and non-explosive goods


TTE-Production Solution

  • Digital control over production processes
  • Full logistical support
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Enhanced documentation availability
  • Production control over various production sites
  • Integration into third-party solutions (ERP, …)

Benefits of the TTE-Solutions

  1. Be efficient > Less effort and better overview
  2. Work comfortably > Easy and intuitive software handling
  3. Get Insights > Simple inhouse tracking and process optimization
  4. Go digital > Electronic explosives stock book
  5. Be compliant > Fulfillment of legal national regulations
  6. Track & trace > Along the whole supply chain