Semtex® RAZOR Booster

Designed especially for initiation of flexible linear shaped charges Semtex® RAZOR. This booster charge can also be used for initiation of other explosives, e.g. sheet charges Semtex® P1 SE M. The charge is, through its construction, adapted to boost initiation capacity of standard detonator.

Classification: UN0042, BOOSTERS without detonators, 1.1D

Properties Limit values
Explosive content (PETN) 88 ± 2%
Density min. 148 g.m-3
Detonation velocity min. 7,400 m.s-1
DMNB content min. 1.0%
Application temperature -20 - +50 °C
Priming min. detonator No. 8
Mass 6.00 ± 0.25 g