Semtex® PasteX 14


RDX and PETN based paste explosive for special blasting works.

Utilization of paste explosives proved to be especially advantageous in case of need to load them on hardly accessible places at demolition work. Packing in cartouches per 500 g or tubes per 200 g.

Classification: UN0084, EXPLOSIVE, BLASTING, 1.1D

Properties Limit values
Explosive content (RDX, PETN) 86.0 ± 2.0 %
Density min.
Vacuum test max. 0.5 cm3.g-1.h-1.20
Detonation velocity min. 7,600 m.s-1
DMNB content min. 1.0 %
Application temperature -30 - +60 °C