I-Blast - The Professional Blast Design Software

Finexplo cooperates with the most advanced and independent producer of software for making your optimal blast design, 3D modelling and finding the otimal fragmentation, fulfilling your specific reporting needs at the same time

8 Reasons To Use It

8 Awesome Innovations

8 New Key Functionalities

  1. Integrated blast design and simulations
  2. Surface & underground
  3. Fragmentation analysis
  4. Accurate simulations
  5. Intuitive
  6. 3D model
  7. Affordable
  8. Physics based
  1. Multiview
  2. Autromatic loading
  3. Automatic pattern design
  4. Hole deviation, 3D bubble analysis
  5. 3D energy distribution versus time
  6. DNA-frag
  7. Custom automatic report
  8. 8×8=64! Easy calculations
  1. Inspector: capability to insert charges
  2. Insert floating text and lines on your design
  3. Usage of any spatial reference systems
  4. Exportation to IREDES & DBS format
  5. PPV per zone on cloud of points
  6. Adapt hole collar to terrain
  7. Timing iso line or contour
  8. 3D muck-pile + movement prediction